FIRST LEGO League Jr. events provide an opportunity for teams to showcase their work and meet other teams who share a similar interest in science and technology. Events provide a venue for positive sharing, learning, laughing, and celebrating! An event can be as simple as a meeting of a team, families, and friends to share what was learned. Or, an event may include many teams sharing in a public venue. Larger events offer an opportunity to share and learn from one another.

What is a FIRST LEGO League Jr. Event?

  • Events are non-competitive. There is not a game and children do not compete for specific awards.
  • Teams rely on their local community or individuals to organize and host events. These communities and individuals are responsible all aspects of the event.
  • A typical event lasts approximately two to four hours.
  • Volunteer Reviewers visit with each team, check out the Models, and ask questions. The process is not meant to overwhelm the children. Teams are reminded that the reviewers are looking forward to learning from them!
  • In some areas, the FIRST LEGO League Partner organizes events in conjunction with a FIRST LEGO League tournament. However, community members may still host events in the same state or region.
  • Program registration does not guarantee that an event will be available in your area.
  • Neither FIRST nor the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program organize nor host any events.
  • Neither FIRST nor the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program is responsible for screening Event Volunteers.
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