The Challenge

Every year, Junior FIRST® LEGO® League works with experts in the field to create a Challenge that relates to an important real world issue.  The end result of the design process is a Challenge with two defined parts – the Show Me Poster and the Model.

Show Me Poster

The Show Me Poster requires teams to illustrate their research and team journey. It provides an opportunity for them to share what they studied, what they learned, and to show information about the team and each team member.


  • Create a Show Me Poster using a flat poster board or tri-fold presentation board.
  • Use words, drawings, photos, and small objects to tell about what they have learned during their Challenge research.
  • Show where they hunted for answers and describe the people they spoke with on their journey.
  • Describe their Model and simple machine.
  • Tell about the team itself.



The Model gets teams moving! Teams build a representation of what they are researching, based off the Challenge, and incorporate simple machines and movement into their creation.


  • Create a Model that fits within a 15” x 15” footprint.
  • Design a Model made of LEGO® parts. Typically, a team of six will use 400 to 1,000 LEGO parts during the season.
  • Must have at least one motorized piece on the Model.
  • Create a simple machine using LEGO ramps, levers, pulleys, gears, wheels and axles, screws, or wedges and incorporates this into their model. 

Specific information is available when the Challenge is released.

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The Challenge consists of two parts - the Show Me Poster and the Model.